Turning points in US History
The playlist above has some of the most pivital turning points in American history. From iconic songs about the hatred for the vietnam war, songs about the slaves attempts to flee the south to the north and the dropping of a dooms day device. This playlist walks its listeners through history, Starting with the first song being Dont Drink the Water a song by the Dave Matthews Band that talkes about the first settlers in america, then in to the underground raliroad with songs such as Can You Run and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Simple songs that were used by slaves to communicate to other slaves about their plans for escape. Then bringing the playlist to more recent events such as the protests of the vietnam wars with fortunite son and Freedom to create a rememberance for the lost in the 9/11 terror attack. The Playlist walks the listener through the amazing triumphs of the American societ and the ways in which it has shifted the nation twords different views.