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John White originally came to the "New World" to explore. His exploration/ Voyage was under the name and funded by England. Once they arrived to America (August 1585), landing in modern day North Carolina, a settlement was established and John White was appointed governor. Supplies were being used rapidly, due to the limited resources. This caused some to return to England to resupply and attain more necessities. John White and a few of his fellow explorers, returned to England. Leaving roughly 100 men, in the newly established Roanoke Colony, to keep the colony thriving and well.
When John White returned to England in 1586, he needed to procure more supplies and resources from England.


A 19th-century artist's interpretation of the Burr-Hamilton Duel
A 19th-century artist's interpretation of the Burr-Hamilton Duel

(^^Burr vs. Hamilton)
Duels lasted between the 17th and 19th century. In which were a way for settling issues or restoring honor. weapons used to duel consisted of daggers, swords, hand guns, muskets, and many more.duels were more common between those who were of lower social status, but a duel occured among equals.


Artists Statement
The goal of the playlist is to focus on the development of music over the decades from 1880 up until today (2018). Where post Civil war music was based on working in the field and labor songs being involved with the culture of labor during the late 1800s. As time passed on, culture changed leading to the influence culture has on society. During moments of the roaring 20s when everyone was happy and celebrating to the great depression with the blues. To war time encouraging men to enroll into the army. Up to the Civil rights movement attempting to empower African Americans. Even to today for our freedom and rights that we have.