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My theme focuses on Government oppression and how they keep people blind. When I first started doing my playlist I was hoping to find music that would talk about how the government oppresses young people, but it was very hard to find. I found it would be easy if I just focused on how the government oppresses people and keep them in the dark. I tried to compared government oppression in the US to Latin-american countries, and I found that the forms of oppression are similar in every country, but they all fall back to US influence in Latin-america. One of my ultimate favorites is "Open Your Eyes" by Immortal Technique, it has a lot of strong language but it talks about the creation of capitalism and how in the beginning the rich used it for their own personal gain, and how the rest of the people have to work for the left over scraps. Bullets through the Speaker is a song which talks about the government only releasing the information they want. Another one of my favorite songs is by Mexican band called "molotov" one of their most famous songs from early 2000's 'gimme tha power', it talks about how we the people put our trust on a certain person hoping they will make the country a better country but in the end, that person ends up screwing us over. I also came across a song called "Americano" by Canserbero, which talks about how US people call themselves 'Americans' leaving out the rest of the american continent out, like the US is the only country in the American country because of that poor people from poor cities and color skin see themselves as inferior to white people from big cities. Their vision of an American person is not necessarily someone from the US but just anyone that's white and rich. There are many great songs that I wanted to include on this playlist for example "Frijolore" by molotov, which talks about tensions happening on the border, but I decided not to include it because it racist and offensive to the majority of people that listen to it. Another song that didn't make it was "White America" by Eminem, the reason I didn't include it was because I didn't think it fit my theme very well. The song does suggest that America is ran by White people, but it doesn't really talk about the government.

Unit 7:
Birth of a Nation poster 2.jpg
Birth of a Nation poster 2.jpg

The birth of a nation was originally called "The clansman" was released in February 8, 1915. It was very successful upon it's realized, but it caused too much controversy, due to how the film portrayed African-Americans and whites. In the film white Americans are portrayed as a minority because of equal rights. They portray African Americans as uneducated brutes who don't have manners and don't know how to behave, and they were also shown as sexual animals who often abused white women. However, the Heroes of the movie were members of the KKK, and the ending credits inspired a second KKK to be formed. The movie was an inaccurate representation of what really was going on in the US. The African Americans were played by white men with painted faces in black. The creators of the film were also Southern White Supremacist, and when people called them out on their film they simply said that they do anything wrong and that it wasn't racist at al;.

Unit 6:
Image result for kkk logo
Image result for kkk logo
What is the KKK?

The KKK is a white southern resistance that was formed in 1866, during the republican party's reconstruction era, they intimidated and used violence against white and black republican's who at the time were fighting for equal rights for blacks.The kkk's goal at the time was to reestablish white supremacy in the south, the kkk started to decline but in the 20th century, white Protestant nativist groups revived the klan, burning crosses, staging rallies, marches and parades against immigrants, jews, blacks and catholics.
The kkk was formed by veteran Confederates, and it was first introduced as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee, and the first name of given to the klan was "kyklos" which means "circle" in greek. The first leader of the kkk was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a leading confederate general. The klan was formed during the second phase of the post civil war reconstruction, put into place by more radical members of the republican party in congress, after president Andrew Johnson's reconstruction policies were rejected.
Congress passed the 14th amendment which granted "equal" protection under the constitution for African-Americans, however due to the law being passed, the kkk dedicated itself to an underground campaign of violence against republican leaders; they were joined by similar organizations such as the Knights of White Camellia, and white brotherhood, and at least 10% of black legislators elected between 1867-1868 were victims of violence from these groups, and up to 7 black legislators were killed.

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Image result for albany plan of union
Image result for albany plan of union
What was the Albany plan of union?
By 1754 the American Colonies were preparing for war; a war that would last 9 years from 1754-1763, the British and the French were fighting about who would have control over land in North America. Britain wanted the Colonist to be able to defend themselves in case the French and their Native American allies attacked.

Unit 1:
Historian Points: 7/10
Black Slaves.jpgHow were the first slaves brought to America?

Some Europeans captured slaves themselves, but they mostly bought them from African-European dealers or from local Africans. Africans fought among themselves and prisoners would be sold to the Europeans, some were sold to them as punishment. Once Africans were captured they were put in a fort near the coast, they were held prisoners and their captures made sure they didn't escape.

The slaves would then be put in a ship, but the space they were given was so small they often had to sleep on top of each other. Sickness was very common in such crowded areas. Those who died were simple thrown overboard. Death was very common because they did not only died from sickness but also from lack of air. Overtime death became very common; British government was forced to put rules on how many people could get on board, the ship were also required to have a surgeon on board, these rules were put not because they wanted to provide a safer environment for slaves but for the safety of the European crew.

Once the ship carrying slaves reached it's destination, the slaves were brought outside and they were prepared to be sold. Before the slaves were sold they were washed, shaved and rubbed with palm oil to cover any wounds or injuries that happened while they were in the ship. Families that managed to stay together and friendships that were formed were broken as soon as they stepped out of that ship. Each slave was sold to different owners, sometimes in pretty rare cases slave families managed to stay together. Slaves were not only forced to break their families but they were also forced to learned a new language, adapt to new customs and adapt to new working and living conditions.