This playlist shows how after the display of atomic weapons it increased the fear around the world. As time passed and events such as the Cuban misses crisis more panic emerged about the destruction of earth. The fear of these atomic weapons resulted in many antiwar protests accossed the world. In the music it shifts towards songs depicting the world after nuclear fallout to show what would happen if the Cold War ever heated up.

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The Age of Reason
During the 1600's scientists in Europe started to question the belief of God. Isaac Newton's laws were natural laws that seemed to not agree with the concept of spiritual laws such as god. Isaac Newtons laws were though to be true and spread a crossed all of Europe causing people to lose faith in God. These ideas of disproving God spread like wildfire and reached the Americas.

When the ideas reached the Americas it caused the churches such as the Anglicans and the Puritans to focus on how they are similar rather than the differences. The shift from Praying to god into the idea of science being the reason why everything happening changed how many people saw the world. Ministers that strongly believed in god and witched took a complete 180 and believed that there was a reason behind it. This even caused Harvard ministers to be so liberal that Yale was created. Over time the English ministers started to become utilitarians. With the laws of science from Isaac Newton it sparked the idea that the Americas should be ruled by the peoples "general will" rather than by the king or being ruled by religion.

Interesting how impactful the Enlightenment ideas were to the view of politics, government and society. Religion has been on the decline ever since, I wonder where it will be in 100 years? - WM