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Matoaka, Her Name Change and Meaning

This unit I was very interested in Pocahontas's (Matoaka's) story. It was astonishing to me how I did not know of the struggles she went through and her history. From being kidnapped by the English, marrying at thirteen, and having her first child at fourteen. I really wanted to explore the reason behind her name change. I've researched the meaning, and reason behind Pocahontas and her name change. The Powhatan tribe were very caring to each other, and Pocahontas's father, the chief Wahunsenaca, was very caring for his tribe.Pocahontas's mother, Matoaka, was named after her birth place "flower between two streams".
The reason behind her name change, was the death of her mother. Pocahontas has a strong resemblance to her mother, and going by the same name 'Matoaka', her father was fragile during his grief about the name. He decided to call her by the nickname Pocahontas. Pocahontas was curious and adventurous, and her father picked that nickname for that reason, the meaning behind Pocahontas's name is "frolicsome nature". The research I read about Pocahontas's name change puts this topic more into perspective for me.

Considering what happened to Pocahontas and all the challenges that she faced when she first encountered Europeans, makes me wonder about all the untold stories of the countless other Native Americans who were affected by the colonizing of the Americas. Sure we know the basics about how the natives were treated in the different regions, but most of those accounts are told from the colonizers' perspectives. Throughout history, many events are told from one or two points of view, but not all of them, or most of what we hear and read about are from primarily one perspective. We can' t change how history has been written, but what if we could change how we write our history today, what if we could tell them whole truth instead of a few parts of it. How we approach the future would change because when you have the complete story, its so much easier to find and solve all the problems that lay within.

- CY

This topic was super interesting where did you find out about this? It is kind of a sad story that they had to change her name because of her father's grief but I guess Matoaka would've made the Disney movie harder to pronounce.I don't really know a whole lot about Pocahontas but you really did a good job describing her. -Rose

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